Placement Test

The test is only a guide and it will be necessary to test you again in the school should you wish to make an application.

Read the following conversation carefully. ONE word is missing in each conversation.
Enter the missing word in the box provided. Please do not spend too much time on each question.


Example 1.
A: Good morning, Cyril!
B: Good _______, sir!

Answer 1. morning

Isn’t or can’t, or I’m, or he’s or haven’t, etc. are each counted as ONE word.

Example 2.
A: Are you Italian?
B: No, _________ not.

Answer 2. I’m

Now enter the missing words in the conversations below.


Please do not use a dictionary or any electronic device when doing the test.

Answer as many as you can. If you do not know the answer please leave blank.

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1) A: are you from?
B: From Italy. I'm Italian.

2) A: Where you going?
B: I am going shopping.

3) A: Laura work in a language school?
B: No, she works at the university.

4) A: Have you been drinking?
B: No, I .

5) A: you ever failed an exam?
B: Yes I have.

6) Have you got my dictionary? I gave it to you two weeks .
B: Yes. I'll bring it on Monday.

7) A: Do you like my new hair-style?
B: Yes, I like it very

8) A: That Ferrari is really expensive.
B: Yes, it is expensive than that Porsche.

9) A: Have you eaten raw fish?
B: No, never. What's raw fish?

10) A: Have you enjoyed yourself?
B: Yes, it been a lovely day.

11) A: Is The Daily Mail a good newspaper?
B: Yes, it is a good newspaper and The Independent is also good. In fact, the Independent is than The Daily Mail.

12) A: Is enough space in your room to put this table?
B: Yes, it's fine.

13) A: Have you been to France?
B: Yes-I lived there two years!

14) A: What you do if you won the lottery?

15) A: Do you play the guitar?
B: Yes. I've been playing I was ten.

16) A: Where Cadbury chocolates made?
B: In England.

17) A: Where is your flat?
B: It's the third floor.

18) A: Why can't she walk?
B: She broken her leg.

19) A: I'm sorry, I've forgotten- can you me why you didn't go?
B: I was ill.

20)A: Do you like my new watch?
B: Yes, but it's expensive for me to buy.

21) A: So you want to be a football player? Can you tell me which team you would like to play ?
B: Err... Newcastle, I think

22) A: I've got too many shoes!
B: have I!

23) A: This bag is really heavy. Will you help me?
B: Yes, carry it for you.

24) A: I lost 2 stones in 1 week.
B: me the truth!

25) A: There is nothing on this cassette.
B: You didn't switch the recorder !

26) A: Do you if I open the window?
B: Not at all.

27) A: What time Leo go home today?
B: Umm... he left at 6 o'clock.

28) A: the postman brought the parcel?
B: Yes, it's on the desk.

29) A: I'll be ready in a minute.
B: That's ok,- your time.

30) A: Would you mind me a favour?
B: Of course not – it will be a pleasure.

31) A: That's a strange machine –What is it ?
B: It cuts holes in roads.

32) A: What will Bill be ?
B: A navy suit.

33) A: As soon as he woke up, he up and had a shower.

34) A: Is the school party still going to be next week?
B: No- They've it off till Thursday.

35) A: Oh! Matt isn't here. Don't we need to put the meeting?
B: No, we'll have it anyway.

36) A: He have gone away – nobody has seen him for weeks.
B: Yes, I agree. I'm sure he's gone away.

37) A: The music is too loud. Can you turn it ?
B: Sorry, is that better?

38) A: I was waiting for everybody last night. What happened?
B: Sorry, I was tired and were the others.

39) A: Where is your car?
B: It's repaired.

40) A: Did you meet Paul and Jill at Tom's house last night?
B: No, Paul nor Jill was at home.

41) A: Can you give me a with these books?
B: Sure. Would you like me to organise the shelf?

42) A: Let's go to the pub.
B: I won't go you come with me.
A: Ok-I'll come.

43) A: I just saw Mark a minute ago.
B: What? Then he have gone on holiday.

44) A: What have you done with your hair?
B: I've it cut, that's all.

45) A: I never buy new cars.
B: Why not? Because older cars cost much than new ones.

46) A: What was it like coming from Edinburgh by coach?
B: Not too bad. But it longer than I expected.

47) A: What was your childhood like?
B: I remember very happy as a teenager.

48) A: When will my meal be ready?
B: It will be ready the time you get home.

49) A: Look at the time!
B: Right, we'd go home.

50) A: What was Tom like?
B: Well-he would make personal telephone calls, no who was in the room with him.